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Frequently asked questions

How old must someone be to be tattooed by us?

We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

How can I schedule an appointment?

You can find on our Homepage a non-binding appointment form that you can fill out and we will reply to you as soon as we get it!

How long will I have to wait to get an appointment date?

The waiting time is different from artist to artist. We try, however, to keep the waiting time as short as possible, as well as suggest other artists as alternative.

How much does a tattoo from HØØD7 costs?

The price range of a tattoo will be said after you have filled out the appointment
form on our website. In that way, we can see your idea, sizing, etc, and give you a rate.

Do I receive my design before the appointment date?

As a protection to our artists we keep the designs until the day of the appointment.
There is still enough time, of course, on the day of to do a few changes and talk it through.

Are you guys a vegan Tattoo Studio?

Yes, we are a vegan tattoo studio.

Do your artists also do cover ups?

A few of our artists do cover ups as well. That depends, however, on the previous tattoo and if it is in any way appropriate for a cover up. Not every style is suitable for covering. When you send us your form, please include a picture of the tattoo you wish to cover.

What are the payment methods?

At HØØD7 it is possible to pay with cash and EC-Card.

When should I not be tattooed?

When you
– feel sick or have circulatory problems
– are pregnant or still breastfeeding
– Are HIV-Positive
– Have a heart condition
– Have Hepatitis A, B, or C
– Are hemophiliac
– Take medication like cortisone, antibiotics, etc. Please also make sure that you have spoken to your doctor about your tattoo and if you are clear to have it done.

What should I pay attention to on the week of my tattoo?

Please do not drink Alcohol or use any type of drugs before your appointment. You should not take any medication with blood thinning effects. Come well rested and with a full belly. You can also bring snacks and a person to accompany you.

Can I buy tattoo care products at HØØD7?

Yes, we suggest for each type of tattoo different care products from different brands. You can buy all of them with us at the studio.

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